Teen Idol

Teen Idol

Billy was the kind of boy you just pretended you didn't know. Despite being American, he absolutely adored the Japanese culture. Anime, manga, and especially idols, were his topics of conversational interest. On the other hand, his best "friend", John, was your run-of-the-mill, get-along-with-everyone kind of guy, who acting nice to Billy but talked about him behind his back. Needless to say, sooner than later Billy found out about the things being said behind his back, which lead to Billy refusing to leave his house. John, feeling bad, went up to check on his friend one day. He was warned by Billy's mom that Billy had been acting... weird lately, muttering things about magic and wizards. Not concerned at all, John pushed forward to Billy's room.

"Hey, John? You know you've always been my idol, right?" Billy was the first to speak as John entered his room. The room was ridiculously bright, and John was forced to lean against the entrance. He couldn't see anything past that light. Where the heck was it coming from?

With no other options, John replied. "Yeah, you look up to me at school and stuff, right? That's cool! I really appreciate it!"

"My idol, yes. Could you continue to be my idol, John?"

"Well... yeah, of course!" John had no idea that he had just sealed his fate as he heard Billy chanting something beyond the light. He decided to move forward to see what was going on, but he just couldn't move for some reason! What was worse... he seemed to be shrinking. His body lost mass, his muscles faded away, and he could feel his clothing shifting around his body. Eventually, his gut and lower abdomen was overcome with a wrenching pain, and a girly gasp escaped his lips. "Mei, you'll be my idol forever, right?" Billy's voice came again.

"My name isn't Mei! It's John! Your friend!" John shouted back in a very girly voice,

"Are you sure your name isn't Mei, Mei-chan?"

"No... it's John... isn't it? But Mei sounds right..." "Mei" replied, while John screamed silently inside his now female, and asian body that seemed to be talking on it's own. He had lost control.

"Isn't this great, Mei? Now you can be my idol forever!"

"Yup, I can be yours forever, Billy!" And with that, all that was John was thrown away into darkness. All that remained with the teen idol, dressed in a very short skirt, Mei-chan.